Setting a wedding budget and sticking to it is like setting a new diet and sticking to it – hard work and not much fun but, totally necessary if you want to get ahead. Every couple will have their own ideas on what their top priorities and their non-negotiables are and as a passionate Bridal Makeup Artist I’m here to fight for Makeup Artist to keep its place up the top of that priority list.

I’m often being asked to make a Bride look as “natural” or as “glowy” as possible, it’s not often I get to whip out my blackest black eyeshadow palette and go to town with a smokey eye on a Bride. Perfectly understandable- a Bride wants to look the best version of herself on her Big day. Unfortunately, I feel as though the “natural” look is highly misunderstood, it takes a lot of skill and knowledge of products and makeup application to make a Bride look amazing and photo worthy for her Wedding day. As a qualified and experienced Makeup Artist, I know that a Bride needs her makeup to look good by day for the ceremony and up-close encounters with her guests, her Makeup needs to shine and stand out in photographs and then she wants it to take her into the evening without a hitch.I take all of these things into consideration and I apply my knowledge of day/ night and photographic makeup to make sure my Bride stays looking on point throughout her day.

I take my job very seriously, I invested a lot of money into studying and putting my kit together and I spend countless hours each week keeping up to date with the latest trends and brands and honestly, I LOVE what I do. So, when I hear people ask for a “cheap” Makeup Artist or say they don’t have room in their budget for hair and makeup, I can’t help but to cringe. Yes, I understand money is tight and budgets are tough but please step away from the eyeliner and YouTube tutorials and I beg of you to reconsider your budget.

Something I feel most Brides consider fairly important is a good photographer, right? Let me ask you to think about, how important it is to you to get the “perfect” wedding photos. Now think about how much of your budget you have allocated to your photographer for your big day. I’d probably be correct in assuming you looked around, asked for recommendations, read reviews, looked through portfolios and got countless quotes before deciding on the perfect person for the job, right? Now let me assume that budget had a role in your decision making and perhaps you were shocked at exactly how much it costs for a good photographer. Maybe you have even gone with not your first or second or maybe even your third preference because you just couldn’t afford it. However, there was a point where you sat down and rearranged what was important to you and stretched your budget enough still to employ a great photographer for your big day, yes? In most cases you wouldn’t say “oh to hell with it” cross photographer off your list altogether and hand the responsibility over to a friend simply because they own a half decent camera, would you?

Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening with hair and makeup and it’s truly breaking my heart. I can’t help but to feel as though YouTube tutorials are somewhat to blame for people’s blaze attitudes when it comes to Bridal Makeup these days. Budgets start to get tight and all of a sudden Makeup Artist is facing the red sharpie off the top of the list because everyone feels as though they can just do it themselves or get a friend to do it. When everything feels like it is important to you it can be tricky figuring out what makes the cut list, so I’ve put together a list of reasons why I believe Makeup Artist deserves its place in your budget.

1) Having a Professional Makeup Artist alleviates unnecessary stress from the Bride on her Big day.

Hiring a professional means, you can rest easy knowing that everything will be taken care of, there’s no stress on the Bride trying to organise the Bridal party or having to worry about when to start getting ready and how long it’s going to take because it’s all been put together in a previously prepared and agreed upon schedule between you and your Makeup Artist. If there’s any day of your life you deserve to be pampered and looking your best it’s your Wedding day, right? I mean every girl wants to feel special on her big day because let’s face it, we’re hoping we’ll only do it once.

2) A professional knows what they are doing.

If you hire a good Makeup Artist (which I’m sure you will do your homework) then you know that she has done this all before and has it all under control. Your Makeup Artist has paid a lot of money to learn how to apply Bridal Makeup, she’s worked plenty of Weddings before and worked out all the kinks, she knows exactly how long it will take to get each person ready and she will have you feeling so at ease because she is just good at what she does. Your makeup will be on point because she’s tried and tested all the products on the market and she only uses the best quality for her Brides, she’ll know to use a primer and an eye primer and waterproof mascara (for those inevitable tears) she’ll use the very best light reflecting foundations and apply colours a little brighter for the camera, she knows the perfect shade of foundation to put on you so you don’t look anemic in photos or too dark for the day and she’ll even touch you up before you walk out the door.

3) You will get a Trial run.

How good are trials? The trial is where you get to see if your Makeup Artist is all that she’s cracked up to be, she will do her thing, usually after a discussion and probably a few pinterest photos have been shared and then you get to look and decide how you feel about it. If you want some things tweaked the Trial is the perfect time to speak up and say so, maybe you love the eye makeup but not sure on the lipstick shade or vice versa, Makeup Artists are normally more than happy to fix these things at the trial because let’s face it, they want you to be 100% in LOVE with your makeup before they leave so you will book them for your Wedding day. A trial is also a great opportunity for you to see what all the fuss is about hiring a professional Makeup Artist versus doing it yourself because you will get to see the difference using quality professional products and knowledge of Makeup application really makes and you will see how long it takes and what to expect on the day.

4) It will save you money.

Yes, you read that right, a good Makeup Artist will save you money because most women don’t have professional quality makeup at home in their everyday makeup case so unless you are planning on using the same drug store makeup from your icky every day case you are going to want to invest in some decent products to make yourself up. Also from my personal experience a lot of the Brides who insist on doing their own makeup are the ones who don’t wear a lot of makeup on a day to day basis so they will be very under prepared and unimpressed when they struggle to achieve the look they are going for with their own products. Let me add up the total of all the products I would usually use on a Bride on her Wedding day to give her that “glowy natural” look she sees in magazines and pinterest mood boards on a daily basis.

We will start with a Primer, the one in my kit at the moment cost me $65, then we have an eye primer- $40, Waterproof mascara -$35, False lashes -$15, liquid eyeliner $35, eyeshadow palette- $85, Foundation- $72, highlighter/ contour/ bronzing palette- $78, lip liner- $30, Lipstick- $35, Concealer- $45, Blush- $45, finishing powder- $50 all of those products come to a grand total of $630! Now if you are asking how could you possibly need all of those products for the “natural” look I can guarantee those are the products that have been used to get the look in the pictures you’re admiring and not the cheap drugstore products laying around in the bottom of your Beauty case. It just doesn’t seem very practical spending so much money on products you probably don’t know how to use properly and most likely will never use again.

5) You WON’T regret it.

Remember that photographer you paid thousands of dollars to capture the “perfect” Wedding photos? Well you will have those photos to stare at for the rest of your life, do you really want to look at your photos and say you regret not having your Makeup done professionally or would you rather be in LOVE with them and want to share them with the world and hang them on your walls? Let’s face it, a professional Makeup Artist knows exactly how the camera works and knows exactly how to apply your Makeup to look amazing in your photos and at the end of the day when it’s all over all you will have are your memories and your photographs.

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